Obasi’s School Fees

Leona Forbes waited outside of Hugo Boss.  Alan was late.  She hated waiting. “Sorry, I’m late.” She turned round, gasping when she saw the African child with him.  “Who’s this?” “Obasi.  He was working in a mine to pay for his school fees but I offered to pay them.” “Why can’t his family do that?” … More Obasi’s School Fees

Always Dreaming

She stood on the dock where she wouldn’t be noticed, watching the bridge lift and the ships come and go.  She wished she could sneak on to one of those ships it would take her far away from here where life was hard and a constant struggle. She dreamed of becoming a doctor one day.  … More Always Dreaming

She Chose Wisely

Constance drove up to the house.  Her gaze swept disdainfully over its nondescript exterior and the heap of trash at the side.  Louis was outside cleaning up. Constance sat in the car for a while, reluctant to get out.  How she loathed this place.  How could her sister live in this dive?  It was so … More She Chose Wisely


“You killed my father,” Gamba shouted at Harif Emeka. Emeka’s expression was impassive.  “Be very careful, Gamba,” he warned him.  “It would be wise for you not to make such false accusations.” “They are not false accusations.  He caught you taking bribes from poachers.  You were standing right here with them when he saw you.  … More Emeka

The Piano Lessons

Monsieur Reinaud, I can’t thank you enough for giving Kasiya free piano lessons,” Mrs. Mbanefo said when she dropped her daughter off at the home of the renowned Belgian musician. “It’s no trouble,” he assured her with a smile.  “I know that you can’t afford my fees.  Besides, I’m happy to do it because Kasiya’s … More The Piano Lessons

The Reckoning

Gabriela watched her fiance, Angelo and her friend, Nyasha.  She had caught them in the act and after screaming profanities at them, she stormed out.  Now they were in the Piazza, looking for her.  Hatred and jealousy consumed her and her eyes shifted to the winged lion statue above them. She fixed her gaze upon … More The Reckoning