A Heart for Africa


kult_model_Dean_Ennion_9568He could feel that someone watching him and he looked up.  It was Adisa, his sister Joslyn’s friend from university.  The one he was attracted to.

He tried to fight his attraction for her but the more he tried the stronger it became.  It got to the point where all he could think about was her and what it would like to be with her.  And it was no use dating other women.  He tried that and it was a waste of time. So, he gave it up.  Those women deserved much better than what he was giving them.  He busied himself with work and after his shift was over, he went to the gym to let off some steam.

He could tell that Joslyn was attracted to him too by the way she looked at him.  That excited and scared him at the same time.  She was so bloody young, though.  She was twenty and he was going to be forty in June.

He stood there, hands in pockets, leaning against the van, watching her and debating what to do.  Should he walk over there and talk to her or should he wait for her go to him?  Just as he made up his mind that he would go to her, a red Fiat pulled up beside him.  The door opened and Giselle emerged.

She sauntered over to him which was quite a feat given that she was wearing a very tight dress.  “Hello, Lorne,” she said.  “I just wanted to stop by and thank you personally for Jacques and me for the amazing job you did on our house and to give you this invitation to our housewarming party.”

Lorne took the invitation.  “Thank you,” he said as he slipped it into his breast pocket.  “Would you mind if I brought someone?”

“Oh, you mean Joslyn.  Sure bring her.”

“No, not Joslyn.  Someone else.”

Her smile faltered and then faded.  “Another woman?”

He nodded.  “Yes.”

She looked a bit put out but shrugged it off.  “You may bring whomever you like, Lorne.  See you tomorrow night.”  She touched his arm with her brightly colored red nails before sauntering back to her car and driving off.

He watched her go, shaking his head.  He detested married women who flirted with other men.  He turned around to see if Adisa was still there.  She wasn’t.  Damn. When she saw him and Giselle, she probably assumed that they were involved and left.  She couldn’t have gone very far.  He hopped into his van and did a U-turn.  He was right.  It wasn’t long before he spotted her and he pulled to the side of the road and jumped out.

“Adisa, wait!” he yelled as he ran to her.  She stopped and turned around.  When he reached her, he stood in front of her, blocking her way.  His eyes darkened when he saw the expression on her face.  She looked like someone had kicked her in the stomach.  “Adisa, it isn’t what you think.  Giselle just came by to thank me for renovating her house and to invite me to a housewarming party tomorrow night.  There’s nothing between us.  Besides, she’s a married woman.”South African female student

“I thought she was your girlfriend.”

“She’s isn’t.  I don’t have a girlfriend.  Why did you come?”

“I wanted to see you,” she said simply.  “Joslyn encouraged me to because she knows that I like you.”

“And I like you too,” he admitted thickly.  “It’s just that I’m so much older than you.”

“It doesn’t matter to me how old you are,” she said.  “What really matters is that we like each other.”

“Yes,” he agree.  “You’re right.  Are you free now?”

She nodded.  “Yes.”

“Good.  There’s a nice restaurant a couple of blocks from here where we can go and have something to eat.  My van is parked just over there.”

She followed him to the van and he opened the door for her to get in.

After he got in behind the wheel and fastened his seat-belt, he said to her, “By the way, you and I have date tomorrow night.”

She stared at him blankly.  “We do?”

“Yes, the housewarming party, remember?”

She smiled as they drove off.


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