A Heart for Africa

This Was Foolish/Clarity #writephoto

Photo by Sue Vincent

Although it happened over ten years ago she remembered what happened on that day with astonishing clarity.  It had been a black and terrible day.  She had been swimming and was sunbathing on the sand when she got a phone call from Talib.  He wanted them to meet at the park.  It was a brief call and she could tell from his voice that something was up.

Grabbing her things, she left the beach.  After taking a quick shower and getting dress, she hopped in her car and sped off to meet him at the park.  He was waiting at the entrance when she got there.  There was no hug or kiss.  Something was definitely wrong.  They went to a more secluded part of the park.  Stopping, he turned and faced her.

“I have something to tell you.”

She watched him, the expression on his face filled her heart with dread.  “You’re scaring me.  What’s wrong?”

“I have to break up with you.”

For a moment she was too stunned to say anything.  “Why?” she managed to ask after a while.

“Efua’s pregnant.”

“She’s what?!”

“I found out this morning when her father came to see me.  He told me that I have to marry her and end my relationship with you.  If I don’t agree to his terms, I’m out of a job and your name will be dragged through the mud.”

She leaned heavily against the rail, her mind reeling.  “When did you and she…?”

“It happened after you and I broke up.”

“So, you went running back to her?”

“It was a mistake.  I was upset and wasn’t thinking straight.  I’m sorry.”

“Why didn’t you tell me about it when we got back together?”

“I was afraid to.  I was afraid that you would break up with me again.”

“This time you’re breaking up with me.” Her eyes glistened with tears.

He tried to touch her face but she pushed his hand away.  “I’m so sorry, Anaya.”

“Sorry doesn’t cut it.  When we broke up, I didn’t jump into bed with my ex.”

“It was a terrible and foolish mistake.”

“And it was a mistake getting back together with you.  Go marry your ex.  I hope you two will be very happy.”  She turned and ran away, the tears running down her face.

That was ten years ago but the memory was as sharp as ever.  “This was foolish,” she mused now.  “Coming here to the beach and reliving the past when  I have moved on and am now engaged to a wonderful man.”  She watched him as he swam farther out.  Removing her sarong wrap skirt, she dropped it in the sand and ran towards the water.

This story was written for the #writephoto Prompt – Clarity at Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo


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